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Dubai Led Screen is a new face of high-quality, resilient, and trustworthiness in the LED display screen. If you covet a modernized with super sleek design LED screens in Dubai, then we are a sojourn for all your needs. We not only fulfill the demands; however, we also prefer to add style to your site.

You can lead the way with these video walls being used as restaurant digital menu boards, reception signage screens, LED professional signage screens, and many more. It magnifies the know-how of customers about products and services, enrich their experience with LED screen.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Digital Signage

Indoor and Outdoor LED Digital Signage

Dubai LED Screen works close-knit to customers and clients to comfort their outdoor signage requisite. Our aim is always to put forward premium quality LED digital screens with the demand of having temporary or permanent signs for usage. We appeased countless customers with our groundbreaking services and desire to continue the same. Our team continuously triggers the refine technology in indoor and outdoor LED digital signage leaves a great mark on the viewer’s mind.

LED Professional Signage Screens

LED Professional Signage Screens

Clarity and reverence in a single Dubai LED Screen are a rare amalgam that we owe. Being an ingenious businessman, it is your right to get success. To bring your services and offered products undoubtedly and suitably in front of clients, digital signage for corporate is a breakthrough and a way off from cluttered designs and outdated displays. Dubai LED Screen in corporates aids for longer hours, robust design, high-quality display, and automatic functioning. It works effectively as an indoor LED screen, outdoor LED screen, reception signage screens, and for many other reasons. Keeping in mind the professional use, we keep the designs and content appropriately. It could be a great marketing strategy for companies to catch sight of a large audience with effective communication.

Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Kiosks is an updated Dubai LED screen covering less space but gratifying the need for big displays. Digital signage kiosks are even known as a digital totem or a digital standee. We suggest customers use this Standalone one digital signage anywhere such as malls, offices, reception areas, stores, restaurants et cetera. It is a smart and compact Dubai LED Screen enhancing the view of the audience and giving them detail vividly. We consider it to be a commendable marketing tool requiring minimal maintenance in a one-time investment. Digital signage kiosks are optimum as LED professional signage screens to let the customers go through your products, meanwhile comforting themselves in the waiting area.

Hotel Digital Signage Display

Hotel Digital Signage display

Why to let-down customers with old, static, and unchangeable menus in this digitalized era? Digital menu boards as Restaurant digital menu boards or for the hotel is a necessary evil at present. In this fast-paced world, updated customers need quick-service facility by simply going through these Dubai LED screens as menu boards and ordering them right away. It apparently clarifies everything to the customers and assists them to buy more things in a shorter span of time. Also, the beauty of the LED screen comes in either placing it outdoor or indoors for customer reference. The displayed offers and discounts fascinate the customer and increase the chances for them to order more.

Let Dubai LED Screen be your screening partner in your pathway and take your services, products’ marketing onto another level. We concede all the needs of clients by modifying it with avant-garde technology.

Make the vision powerful more with Dubai LED Screen!

Advantage of  Modular LED screens

There are advantages that are suitable for not only to professional users but also to people who are not familiar with display technologies.

Against specific video solutions, there many unique advantages. For instance you can set that compared to a video projector or videowall an LED tv requires less space for installation .

1. The first and most noticeable benefit is that LED displays are the world’s only outdoor product that can be mounted without any external protection; the device is waterproof and dustproof by itself, bright enough to be seen under direct sunlight and so durable to withstand a certain degree of vandalism.

2. The second and most significant advantages are the absolute versatility in terms of scaling and shaping, the only restriction being resolution if the measurements are too small (although today this might not always be true, with pixel pitches less than 1 mm, it is also possible to achieve impressive image quality in small sizes). An LED show can be freely scaled at any size of up to tens, hundreds, if not thousands of square meters.

3. And with the 3rd advantage here we are. LED displays will still be transparent and without bezel when you have to physically add up monitor to monitor to achieve large formats or special shapes like some other display technologies, with an outer frame only if you need it to improve contrast and visibility. The modularity of the display is also the explanation for ease-of-use-and-installation, which makes the 5th benefit of this technology the perfect solution for mobile and itinerant use.

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