Neo QLED, MICRO LED Lines in Dubai LED World

Highlighting contribution to a safe and open future, Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Lifestyle TV lines

Dubai LED Screen will embark on a “Going Green” path in aligning Dubai LED market processes through the following long-term sustainable projects over the next few years:

Reducing carbon footprint and enhancing energy efficiency: In LED production, Dubai LED Screen will aim to systematically minimize the total carbon footprint. The business will also aim to reduce the use of user power and use more recycled resources across its entire LED chain.

Sustainable packaging concept: Dubai LED Screen is extending its award-winning ‘Eco-packaging’ LED design and much of the 2021 Neo QLED line, drawing on valuable customer input.
This sustainable approach will upcycle up to 200,000 tons of corrugated boxes annually.1 The oil-based ink from colour printing that is traditionally used on TV boxes is removed by reducing text and visual graphics on the Eco-packaging, helping to further minimize waste.
Dubai LED Screen is committed to expanding its Voice Guide function by 2022, which offers audio instruction for deaf individuals and low vision individuals. And in the years to come, Dubai LED Screen will continue to create new AI based features to increase the usability of LED Screens.