The launch of the ST100-1 G and ST100-5 G, NovaStar’s first LED video wall cabinet-to-cabinet networking solutions integrating Keyssa’s high-speed wireless connector, was today announced by NovaStar, a leading LED display device provider. At the LED China show, SeptembThe ST100-1 G and 5 G, providing 1 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet access respectively, are part of a new range of wireless cabinet devices that come in two separate configurations: an all-wireless wired video wall system that removes the need for cabinet-to-cabinet Ethernet cabling, and a dual-channel backup solution.r 1-3, 2020, in Shenzhen, NovaStar will demonstrate its 1 G video wall contactless communication solution.

Keyssa’s KSS104 M, compact semiconductor, only mm mm square, embedded underneath the surface of cabinet, resistant to waterdust, or soil, and capable of 
transmitting data up to gigabits per second when two cabinets come into contact with each other, is the main technology that drives NovaStar’s ST100-1 and wireless products. 
The KSS104 is solid-state, which implies no wear and tear, unlike mechanical connectors, and 
the meantime between failure is measured in thousands of years rather than hundreds of insertions.
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